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GURU MEDIA has established by S.Byamba, Mongolian independent filmmaker, with strong artistic visibility and successful professional experiences being involved in various international co productions and Ts.Ariunaa, one of the best arts promoter and advocate in the country in 2008. The main goal of the company is to build internationally visible and sustainable production company with abilities to produce high quality artistic films for global audiences. The company intends to focus on production of feature films and creative documentaries for worldwide theatrical potentials, thus will contribute to the development of the local film industry and the building capacities of Mongolian film-makers.


Mongolian cinema, established in the 1940s as the most important and efficient propaganda instrument of communist ideology, were totally commercialized with free market economy after 1990, ruined the national film industry.  

Nowadays, Mongolian cinema exists without any state subsidy, surviving solely on the enthusiasm of local film artists and nominal support from commercial entrepreneurs and focused on producing TV programs, music clips, advertisements and commercial video productions. Not many Mongolian filmmakers have built international visibility, neither produced films featuring the uniqueness of Mongolian nomadic culture and transition society  within rapidly changing global environments.

That is why our young company is going to contribute to making positive changes in promoting Mongolian cinema to local and global audiences and in producing films that are marketable.


The Guru Media‘s mission is to promote the artistic creativity equally with projects with potential to sustain the company. Also, the company intends to contribute to the development of young emerging filmmakers through specific initiatives through organizing master classes and workshops, small grant competitions along with contribution to the establishment of technical facilities applied to current technical and technologic developments. Thus we believe, we are contributing to the development of Mongolian film industry.

Company Goals:

  • To ensure increased international visibility of Guru Media among global relevant networks
  • High quality film productions presentable for global markets & festivals
  • To contribute the building of global competitiveness for Mongolian young filmmakers

Company Objectives for 2008-2013:

  • To build sustainable relationship with relevant international professional networks & associations for further co-funding and productions
  • To seek and collect ideas, talents and financial resources to produce high artistic quality films in Mongolia and abroad
  • To build sustainable & internationally visible production company with relevant high quality technical, human and artistic resources
  • To conduct specific projects to enhance professional skills and competitiveness of young emerging filmmakers
  • To start preparation of a film house with necessary facilities and resources for production, post production and public screenings

Work – In Progress

  • Passion.  Feature length creative documentary /Completion date – December 2009/
    Supported by the 13th Pusan International Film Festival and Asian Network of Documentary (awarded PanStar Fund) and Visions Sud Est, Switzerland (2008)
  • Birdie (Remote Control). Feature film project. /Development, Possible production date – Summer 2011/ Selected Cinemart & Paris Project in 2009. Awarded by Prince Claus Film Fund Grant at the Cinemart and supported by the Hubert Bals Fund of the International Film Festival Rotterdam – 2009 (Script and Project development Grant)


Our partners:

Bo Films (Belgium)

Inti Films (Belgium)

TBC Production (France)

MA.JA.DE. Filmproduction  (Germany)

Company  staff:

Byamba Sakhya
Cell phone: 976-99084959

Ariunaa  Tserenpil
Cell phone: 976-99118472

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